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Velmet, Aro and Kirchhelle, Claas (eds.), Standards and their containers. Microbes, Surveillance, and Global Disease Control, Special Issue ESTS.



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Kirchhelle, Claas, Pyrrhic Progress – Antibiotics in Anglo-American Food Production (1949-2013) (New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 2020) [Winner 2021 BSAH Thirsk Prize; 2020 Turriano ICOHTEC Prize; Long-listed 2020: Michel Déon Prize; highly commended 2020 PHE Antibiotic Guardian Research Award], https://www.rutgersuniversitypress.org/pyrrhic-progress/9780813591476

Print Journalism/ Broadcasting


Kirchhelle Interviewed : “The Antibiotic Crisis Has a Troubling Twist”, Wired (07.02.2023)  https://www.wired.com/story/the-antibiotic-resistance-crisis-has-a-troubling-twist/ 


Kirchhelle Interviewed: ‘Ces virus qui remplacent les antibiotiques’ 

Les Echos Week-End (17.11.2022), https://www.lesechos.fr/weekend/business-story/ces-virus-qui-remplacent-les-antibiotiques-1879949

Article: "Why moving Dublin Port would be bad for the city", 

RTE. Ireland's National Public Service Media (04.05.2022)

Authors: Emily Webster


Kirchhelle interviewed alongside Dr Rebecca Glover: "UK's 'baffling' sale of Covid vaccine facility"

Sunday National (29.03.2022), https://www.thenational.scot/news/20023855.uks-sale-world-class-oxford-covid-vaccine-facility-baffling-short-sighted/ 

Article: “Threats of Bioterrorism in Ukraine Are Part of a Long History” 

Authors: Elaine Joy and Claas Kirchhelle

Wired (11.03.2022), https://www.wired.com/story/bioterrorism-ukraine-long-history/

Kirchhelle Interviewed: ‘Patient safety and the right of the sick to reject care from  unvaccinated staff’, Independent (31.01.2022), https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/covid-vaccine-nhs-staff-latest-b2002861.html#comments-area


Article: 'Coordinated clinical trials were key to the COVID vaccine triumph – the same must happen with antibiotics'

The Conversation (28.06.2021)

Authors: Claas Kirchhelle, Rebecca Glover, Adam Roberts, Andrew Singer

https://theconversation.com/covid-vaccine-trials-were-a-triumph-now-we-need-a-similar-system-for-antibiotics-162130 [also published in The Scotsman, Yahoo News, New Indian Express, The Week]

Letter to the Editor: COVID Compensation

Independent (07.05.2021)

Authors: Duncan Fairgrieves, Geraint Howard, Claas Kirchhelle, Samantha Vanderslott, Søren Holm


Interviewed: ‘People who suffer rare reactions after vaccines ‘left in the dark’ 

without any support, warn families’

Independent (07.05.2021)


Kirchhelle Interviewed: ‘In defence of the AstraZeneca vaccine – and what comes next’         

Independent (15.04.2021)


Kirchhelle Interviewed: ‘Misconceptions over AstraZeneca jab safety could drive global vaccine divisions, expert warn’

Independent (11.04.2021)


Kirchhelle Interviewed: ‘We have to remember, learn and prepare’: Is the UK ready for the next pandemic’

Independent (23.03.2021)


Interviewed on “Body Politics” podcast (25.03.2021)                                                             



Letter to the Editor: Vaccine approval and safety measures                                              

Authors: Duncan Fairgrieves, Søren Holm, Geraint Howells, Claas Kirchhelle, Samantha Vanderslott

The Times (07.12.2020)


Kirchhelle Interviewed: ‘Cholera’                                                                                   Futuremakers Podcast: The History of Pandemics (Univ. Oxford)


Kirchhelle Interviewed: ‘Laying the Foundations – Disease and the Emergence of Public Health’,

Green European Journal (30.11.2020)


Kirchhelle Adviser: ‘The risky way to speed up a coronavirus vaccine’;                       Vox.com documentary on Human Challenge Trials;


Kirchhelle Interviewed on BBC Radio Oxford Breakfast Club                                    History and pandemics (15.10.2020)


Blog: Page 99 Test – Pyrrhic Progress (Campaign for the American Reader)


Article: ‘Challenging Circumstances: we need international guidelines for human infection studies’ 

Authors: Claas Kirchhelle & Samantha Vanderslott

Medium (11.06.2020)


Kirchhelle featured as expert on ‘Coronavirus: Explained – Race for a Vaccine’,                                                   

Netflix/Vox three-part series on COVID-19


Kirchhelle Interviewed: ‘COVID-19’, the aftermath: insights from history                                     

Oxford Science Blog (22.05.2020)


Article: Antibiotic Resistance Could Lead to More COVID-19 Deaths 

Authors: Claas Kirchhelle, Adam Roberts, Andrew Singer

Scientific American (01.04.2020)


Kirchhelle Interviewed: "COVID-19: Insights from history"

Oxford Science Blog (24.03.2020)


Kirchhelle Featured on Oxford University Medium:                         

'How Oxford's most famous character is helping to drag typhoid

out of the rabbit-hole (20.01.2020)


Kirchhelle advisor/ featured on: Featured on “Surprisingly Brilliant” (Gregg Foot)         

Seeker Podcast on Mary Mallon/ Typhoid Mary


Kirchhelle interviewed on BBC Radio 4 'Inside Science'                                                                                 

Typhoidland and Typhoid Mary (30.01.2020)


Kirchhelle interviewed on BBC World Service 'Health Check'                                                                       

The Past & Present of Typhoid Control (29.01.2020)