Image of a US CDC worker at a laboratory bench holding up a petri dish to examine the bacteriophage type of a culture

Bacteriophage Typing and the Global History of Infectious Disease Surveillance

Black and white image of three female cockle pickers carrying baskets at the Irish shore around 1900.

The history of typhoid and infection control in revolutionary Dublin and Bengaluru

Robert Thom's "The Era of Antibiotics" - a ca. 1952 oil painting depicting antibiotic discovery in a small laboratory with a female researcher looking at petri dishes - a picture of Alexander Fleming looking at her. Through a glass window one can see a white clothed male worker checking on rows of large deep fermentation tanks producing antibiotics.

Deconstructing the History of the Empty Antibiotic Pipeline

Image of two hands holding up a sealed transparent plastic bag with four vials of the typhoid conjugate vaccine

The Oxford Vaccine Group Oral History Project

Black and white image of crude deep fermentation vats.

An ecological history of the antibiotic era